Course Content

  1. The Nature of Facility Management
  2. Organizing the Department
  3. Strategic and Annual Planning
  4. Financial Management
  5. Space Planning and Management
  6. Real Estate Options and Regulations
  7. Lease Administration and Property Management
  8. Definitions, Background and Applications of Sustainability
  9. Sustainability in Practice
  10. Sustainability Financials, Acceptance and Implementation
  11. Programming and Project Development
  12. The Design Process
  13. Project Management and Construction
  14. Planning, Definition and Threat Assessment
  15. Command, Control and Communications
  16. Emergency Preparation and Training
  17. Emergency Response and Recovery
  18. Facility Security Goals and Responsibilities
  19. Facility Security and Planning
  20. Facility Security Implementation
  21. Contracting and Types of Contracts
  22. Work Coordination
  23. Facility Operations
  24. Maintenance and Repair
  25. Facility Services
  26. Administering the Department
  27. Managing Quality Facilities
  28. Communications and New Facility Management Skills
  29. Building Information Modeling, Information Systems and Other Technology
  30. The Future of Facility Management