Course Content

  1. Introduction to Occupational Safety, Health and Environment
  2. Safety Legislation
  3. Workers’ Compensation and Recordkeeping
  4. Safety-Related Business Laws
  5. Accident Causation and Investigation: Theory and Application
  6. Introduction to Industrial Hygiene
  7. Ergonomics and Safety Management
  8. Fire Prevention and Protection
  9. System Safety
  10. Managing the Safety Function
  11. Psychology and Safety: The Human Element in Loss Prevention
  12. Improving Safety Performance with Behavior-Based Safety
  13. Workplace Violence
  14. Terrorism Preparedness
  15. Hazardous Materials
  16. Construction Safety and the Multiemployer Worksite Doctrine
  17. Transportation Safety
  18. Introduction to Extreme Weather
  19. Required Written Programs
  20. Resources on Safety and Health