Course Content                                                                                                                     

  1. How to setup a PKO and PKC Processing Plant
  2. How to start Catfish Farming
  3. Starting a Dairy Farm Business
  4. Vegetable Farming Business
  5. How to start a Poultry Farming Egg Production
  6. Step-by-Step Guide on how to produce Cassava, sell and make millions
  7. How setup a Modern Vulcanizing Centre
  8. How to setup a Haircut and Hairdressing Shop
  9. How to setup a Modern Furniture Making Firm
  10. How to start a Food Vendor Business
  11. How to run a Modeling Agency
  12. How to start a Dance Company
  13. How to start a Talent Promotion Business
  14. How to start an Acting Career
  15. Steps to starting a Facial Make-up Art Business
  16. How to start a career in Fashion Designing
  17. How to get into a fashion photography career
  18. How to start your own Television Show with minimal Cost
  19. How to run an interior Design Business
  20. How to start a swimming Pool Service Company
  21. Set up a profitable Laundry Business
  22. How to make money through Haulage Business
  23. How to set up a Quarry Business in Nigeria
  24. How to start a Catering Business
  25. How to start and succeed in Ice-Block Making Business
  26. How to start an Event Planning and Management Service
  27. How to start a Cake Business
  28. How to Become a Massage Therapist