Course Content

  1. The Entrepreneurial Life Style and Business Psychology
  2. Qualities of an Entrepreneur
  3. How to Generate Powerful Business Ideas
  4. Emerging Agro-Allied, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME Businesses) Supported by Government and Banks
  1. Goal Setting, SWOTT & PESTLE Analysis, Vision, Mission and Core Values
  2. Starting from Scratch or Joining an Existing Business
  3. Franchises, Buyouts and The Family Business
  4. Book-Keeping, Financial Accounting and Budgeting
  5. The Short Term Business Plan
  6. Raising Business Capital Without Going to the Bank
  7. Business Name and Company Registration
  8. Developing Your Business Model
  9. Feasibility Study
  10. Proposal and Report Writing
  11. Step by Step process of developing a Business Plan = Visualizing the Dream
  12. The Marketing Plan
  13. The Organizational Plan: Teams, Legal Structures, Alliances, and Directors
  14. The Location Plan
  15. Understanding a Firm’s Financial Statements
  16. Forecasting Financial Requirements
  17. A Firm’s Sources of Financing
  18. Planning for the Harvest
  19. Comprehensive and Bankable Business Plan Format
  20. E- Commerce and Digital Marketing
  21. The Impact of ICT in 21st Century Business