• Customer Relationship Management and Office Administration (CRM & ADMIN)

CRM will equip you with the capacity to cultivate customers for more than a one-time sale which will make you indispensable in every organization and in your career as a professional, business and public figure.

   Course content

  • What is Customer Relationship Management?
  • Benefits of CRM to a Small Firm
  • Essential Materials for a CRM Program
  • Outstanding Customer Relationship through Extraordinary Service
  • Managing Customer Satisfaction
  • Living the Dream – When it comes to posting online reviews, some customers can’t help themselves
  • Evaluating a Firm’s Customer Service Health
  • Using Technology to Support Customer Relationship Management
  • Creating a CRM Database
  • Using a CRM Database
  • Data use and Privacy Concerns
  • Customers as Decision Makers
  • Need Recognition
  • Information Search and Evaluation
  • Purchase Decision
  • Post-Purchase Evaluation
  • Living the Dream – Little Brother is Watching – But He only wants to Help
  • Understanding Psychological Influences on Customers
  • Needs
  • Perceptions
  • Motivations
  • Attitudes
  • Understanding Sociological Influences on Customers
  • Cultures
  • Social Classes
  • Reference Groups
  • Opinion Leaders
  • Superior Customer Service Experience


  • Data, Records, and Information Management Skills for Quality

Report and Memo Writing

The Major Role of An Administrative Officer

This well researched, comprehensive, workplace high demand skill and highly interactive programme will help participants learn the industry standards and best practices of data, records and information management. It will provide delegates with a more detailed understanding and experience of the major deliverables when implementing a DRIM solution.

The program will also demystify the writing process and ensure that documents written thereafter such as reports and memos are world-class and more effective.


Course content

  • The importance of records and information as a vital resource
  • Types of Records
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Recordkeeping Processes & Records Management Tools
  • Records Retention
  • Records for Disposal
  • Files Management
  • Records appraisal and archiving
  • Information Auditing
  • E-record Issues
  • Managing E-mail Effectively
  • Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS)
  • Implementing EDRMS
  • Report and Memo Writing



  • Human Resource Management & Admin (HRM & ADMIN)

This course will walk you through the hiring process, conducting appraisal, developing appropriate compensation and reward system, and equip you with skills to motivate and build a committed team. The course is a perfect launch in to an HR career


  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
    1. PM Process Groups (IPECC)   PM Area of Knowledge
  1. PM Techniques   PM Template   e.  MS PM Software


  • Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE)
    1. Level 1 Certification (Occupational Safety and Health or Workplace Safety)
    2. Level 2 Certification (Fire Prevention and Risk Assessment)
    3. Level 3 Certification (Environmental Impact Assessment)
    4. Terrorism Preparedness and Disaster Management Certification


  • Sage 50 (Peachtree), QuickBooks Accounting Software


  • Total Quality Management (TQM) ISO 9001:2015)


  • Marketing, Selling and Public Speaking Skills


  • Facility Management


  • Hospitality Management