Course Content:

1.The Score Card; My 1st 100 days in the office

Managing Civil and Public Service Appointments, Engagements, and

Employees at All Levels for Superior and Exceptional Performance

  1. The Opportunity to Supervise
  2. Looking Inside, Understanding Yourself
  3. The Power of Ten Supervisor Role
  4. Getting the Best Work from Others
  5. Making Good Thinks Happen
  6. Clarify Expectations
  7. Match Strategy to Situation
  8. Accelerate Your Learning
  9. Secure Early Wins
  10. Build the Team
  11. Create Alliances
  12. Achieve Alignment
  13. Avoid Predictable Surprises
  14. Manage Yourself
  15. Accelerate Everyone
  16. What is Different about Working for the Government
  17. Guiding Principles of Managing People in Government
  18. Strategies and Tactics for Managing Government Employees
  19. Dealing with Difficult People
  20. Performance Management
  21. Rewards and Recognition
  22. Attendance Management
  23. Labour Relations
  24. Equal Employment Opportunity