1. Human Resource Management

This course will walk you through the hiring process, conducting appraisal, developing appropriate compensation and reward system, and equip you with skills to motivate and build a committed team. The course is a perfect launch in to an HR career.


Course Content


Part I The practice of human resource management


01 The essence of human resource management (HRM)

02 Strategic HRM

03 Delivering HRM – systems and roles

04 HRM and performance

05 Human capital management

06 Knowledge management

07 Competency-based HRM

08 The ethical dimension of HRM

09 Corporate social responsibility


Part I I People and organizations


10 Organizational behaviour

11 Work, organization and job design

12 Organization development


Part I I I Factors affecting employee behaviour


13 Motivation

14 Commitment

15 Employee engagement




Part IV People resourcing


16 Strategic resourcing

17 Workforce planning

18 Recruitment and selection

19 Resourcing practice

20 Talent management


Part V Learning and development


21 Strategic learning and development

22 The process of learning and development

23 The practice of learning and development

24 Leadership and management development


Part VI Performance and reward


25 Performance management

26 Reward management – strategy and systems

27 The practice of reward management

28 Managing reward for special groups


Part VI I Employee relations


29 Strategic employee relations

30 The employment relationship

31 The psychological contract

32 The practice of industrial relations

33 Employee voice

34 Employee communications


Part VIII Employee well-being


35 The practice of employee well-being

36 Health and safety


Part IX International HRM


37 The international HRM framework

38 The practice of international HRM

39 Managing expatriates

Part X HRM policy and practice


40 HR policies

41 HR procedures

42 HR information systems

43 Employment law


Part XI HR skills


44 Strategic HRM skills

45 Business skills

46 Problem-solving skills

47 Analytical and critical skills

48 Research skills

49 Statistical skills

50 Selection interviewing skills

51 Job, role and skills analysis and competency modelling

52 Learning and development skills

53 Negotiating skills

54 Leading and facilitating change

55 Leadership skills

56 Influencing skills

57 Handling people problems

58 Managing conflict

59 Political skills


Part XII HRM toolkits


60 Strategic HRM toolkit

61 Human capital management toolkit

62 Organization design toolkit

63 Organization development toolkit

64 Employee engagement toolkit

65 Workforce planning toolkit

66 Talent management toolkit

67 Planning and delivering learning events toolkit

68 Performance management toolkit

69 Strategic reward toolkit

70 Total rewards toolkit

71 Job evaluation toolkit

72 Grade and pay structure design toolkit

73 Attitude surveys toolkit


2.               Payroll Management

This course reveals how to improve the functions of the payroll department, enhancing efficiency and reducing error rates. Topics covered include time tracking, payroll processing, procedures, controls, and recordkeeping. The book also addresses the United States payroll regulations and reporting requirements related to compensation, benefits, payroll taxes, and tax remittances. It is updated annually for the latest payroll regulations. Payroll Management is ideal for anyone new to payroll, or who wants to enhance an existing system.


  1. Data, Records and Information Management and Skills for Quality Report/Memo Writing;
    The Major Role of An Administrative Officer

This well researched, comprehensive, workplace high demand skill and highly interactive programme will help participants learn the industry standards and best practices of data, records and information management. It will provide delegates with a more detailed understanding and experience of the major deliverables when implementing a DRIM solution.

The program will also demystify the writing process and ensure that documents written thereafter such as reports and memos are world-class and more effective.