1. Agro-Allied and MSME Development Programme (The Entrepreneur Clinic)

Fee: N20,000:00         Reg:N2,000:00

  1. Professional MBA, MPA and MSc. Programmes


  1. Executive Leadership Programme


4. Professional Certification Programme

Fee:N65,000:00          Reg:N5,000:00

5.Leadership and Essential Management Skills

Fee:N65,000:00          Reg:N5,000:00

6.Professional Teaching Practice Programme

Fee:65,000:00             Reg:N5,000:00



Executive Leadership Class

  1. Individuals                         N500,000:00  
  2. Group of 2             N450,000:00 each     
  3. Group of 3 and above N400,000:00 each

Days:Friday to Sunday for 4 weeks

PMBA Regular Class

  1.  Individuals                         N150,000:00  
  2. Group of 2                         N125,000:00 each
  3. Group of 3 and above N100,000:00 each

Days:Friday to Sunday for 4 to 12 weeks

Fees Breakdown:

  1. Acceptance =          N30,000:00
  2. Registration =          N10,000:00
  3. Graduation =          N10,000:00
  4. Certification =          N10,000:00
  5. Tuition =          N90,000:00

Total   =  N150,000:00

Classes begin: January to March

May to July

September to November

Duration:                   4 – 12 Weekends or 2 weeks of workdays & weekends 

Days:                          Friday to Sunday


  1. O’ Level or Its Equivalent with Experience
  2. Diploma or Its Equivalent with Experience
  3. Undergraduate and Above


Account Name : Learn To Live Business School

Bank : Fidelity Bank Plc

Account No : 5600450609

For more information on course content and registration; contact any of our academic advisers

or Kingsley on 07036966382